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«The Argentine startup that will revolutionize AgTech with ARN».

«To develop innovative strategies for sustainable agriculture it is vital to understand how plants develop and respond to environmental signals».

«These types of solutions are applicable to local varieties of the same crop, without having to replace them with elite varieties».

«APOLO Biotech opens a path in the development of RNAs as exogenous biomolecules so that plants protect themselves from pathogens, thus replacing synthetic chemicals».

«Knowing the genomes allows the APOLO team to design specific solutions that attack each pathogen without harming the crops, the environment and human health».

«APOLO seeks to generate a new family of fungicides that are effective, as well as friendly to the environment and human health.».

«APOLO is dedicated to the development of RNA technology that makes it possible to combat harmful pathogens for crops through information that plants need to adapt and defend themselves against threats».