APOLO Biotech

Making plants smarter using RNA-based technologies

In APOLO Biotech

We develop RNA-based technologies, an outstanding GMO-free approach offering versatile solutions to boost productivity while conserving and harnessing the wide variety of local landraces.

Our Team

We are a diverse and inclusive research team with an outstanding scientific track record
and a common goal: reaching sustainability through science

Matias Badano, MBA

Co-Founder & CEO
Business & Agtech

Federico Ariel, PhD

Co-Founder & CSO
Plant RNA Biology & Biochemistry
CONICET Researcher

Federico Zuljan, PhD


Johan Rodriguez, PhD

AXA Research Fellow

Natalia Cobos

Communication & Marketing

Associated Researchers

Ayelén Porto, PhD

Tech Transfer

Francisco Rossi, Ing

Planning and Control

Carlos Dezar, PhD

Regulatory Affairs & Project Manager

Carolina Attalah, PhD

Lab Manager Litoral & Project Manager

Gabriel Conti, PhD

Lab Manager Buenos Aires & Project Manager

Lucia Ferrero, PhD

Lab Manager Patagonia & Project Manager

Gabriela Conti, PhD

BioProduct Designer
CONICET Researcher

Lucia Ferrero, PhD

BioProduct Designer

Diego Zavallo, PhD

INTA Researcher

Adrian Perez, PhD

CONICET Researcher

Natanael Mansilla, PhD

Enzymatic Engineering


Martin Crespi, PhD

Plant RNA Biology Specialist
Director IPS2 - CNRS Resercher

Enzo Ferrante, PhD

Artificial Intelligence Specialist
CONICET Researcher

Our Values

Environmental responsibility

Human health
& wellbeing

Food sovereignty

Sustainable Development Goals

Our Partners